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Spokane Delivery Service LLC

Spokane's Only "Certified Courier Services"
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Spokane Delivery Service LLC

Spokane's "Certified Courier Transport Services"

Having a courier service that you can trust is essential in today's fast paced business world.  Our "Certified Medical Courier Service" offers photographic documentation with temperatures in each photo at pick-up and drop-off coupled with client pick-up and drop-off initials and signatures.  This specialized service provides a total liability release and makes this process the safest way to deliver anything.


Our Goal is to remain Spokane's Leader in Pick-up and Drop-off Services.  We pledge to provide our clients with Fast, Friendly, Flexible and Professional Courier Service, picked-up and delivered in a timely fully documented and trackable manner.  Spokane Delivery Service LLC will provide our service at a low cost, while displaying the highest degree of Honesty, Integrity and Professionalism towards our clients and customers.

We are Locally Owned, Operated & Most Importantly "Invested" in Spokane, Washington's economy since 2009. Available 24/7/365

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